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Why Expert Pest?

Expert Pest has established an excellent reputation

as a quality supplier of pest management services with a fast-moving and highly-proactive team of expert service pros.
Our role is to stop the stress associated with pests and provide a better environment for you, your staff and customers. Here are a few ways in which we can help your business:

  • Protecting your reputation

    – Avoid negative publicity through our comprehensive prevention plans

  • Saving money

    – Offer great solutions that outweigh the costs associated with providing a pest-free environment.

  • Improving Health & Safety

    – Providing the expertise to comply with government regulations.

  • Protecting your business

    – Using safe, up-to-date and effective techniques and products in order to keep your customers and employees safe.

Residential Solutions

Initial Pest Program,

if you just want to rid your home from a specific pest without a long-term contract, then we can help! We provide treatments with as few as one visit, based on your specific targeted pest.

Quarterly Program,

insects and rodents can damage wood, wire and lead, as well as, bring in bacteria and diseases that are harmful. After targeting your initial pest we are able to provide you with a preventative maintenance plan that combats over 20 different pests throughout the year.

Residential Monthly,

while a Quarterly Program is generally sufficient, there are some pest issues that require more visits, such as roaches. Our Residential Monthly service is designed to offer you year-round protection from even the peskiest of pests.



See our video of ant baiting techniques