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They come in a variety of colors from pure black to pure white and all shades in between. The squirrel’s tail plays an important role in communication, locomotion and insulation.

Color: Varies based on species
Weight: 12 to 24 ounces
Size: 8″ to 10″ inches
Food: Nuts, seeds, fruits, berries, mushrooms and the occasional insect.
Litter: 1 to 2 litters per year (early spring & mid-summer), Average 4 young
Flying : No; Southern Flying Squirrel can glide 20 to 30 feet
OH & PA : Eastern Gray squirrel, Fox squirrel, Red squire; & Southern Flying squirrel

 Squirrels Controlled by Expert Pest


They are mainly active during the day.  They do not hibernate but will typically spend long hours in their nest during the cold winter months. Squirrels are extremely vocal. They bark, chatter, scream, and purr.  Sometimes people think they are hearing a noisy bird, without realizing that it’s actually a very noisy squirrel!


Their ideal habitat is a forest filled with oak, beech, and hickory trees which provide food and natural cover. They often build several nests in the trees within a certain area, using the each nest at various times.  Some squirrels do not live in trees.  Known as ground squirrels, these creatures make their nests in burrows in the ground.


Squirrels cause problems for homeowners by nesting in their attic. They enter attics for warmth and safety; and often to birth, nest, and raise a litter. These pests are ferocious chewers and will gnaw their way through wooden structures to get into the attic. Once inside, they make scratching noises (mostly at sunrise and sunset), leave droppings all over, and threaten all sensitive attic structures with their need to chew.

Prevention & Control

Due to the possible damage to your property and/or health wildlife issues are serious and should be handled professionally.

To learn more about squirrels go to Pest World

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