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Snakes appearance varies from species to species. Snakes typically  lack any legs or eyelids. They range from just a few cm to several meters in length. There skin may be vivid greens, red, yellow, to dark browns and black. Often snakes have noticeable stripes or patterns.

Most snakes found in the United States are nonvenomous, posing no risk to humans. The play a very important part in our ecosystem. Some varieties are endangered and need protected from extinction.  Still many people are frightened by them, and there presence near homes and populated areas is often unwelcome.

Behaviors, Habits and Diet

Snakes eat many small animals such as frogs, salamanders, insects, worms, rodents, and birds, with larger ones often feeding on larger prey. They, can kill their prey in a variety of ways. Venomous snakes have sharp, hollow fangs, for piercing skin and injecting venom. These fangs are located in the upper jaw and are connected to venom glands. Nonvenomous snakes, use constriction to capture and restrain their prey. They bite their intended prey and quickly wrap themselves around it, the prey is then consumed whole. They Posses the ability to open their mouths to surprising sizes which allows them to consume prey larger than their mouth would typically allow.

Cold blooded in nature, snakes will often be seen laying in a sunny area, warming themselves. During cold months snakes will hibernate often along with several other snakes to maximize body warmth.


Spring is the time for Love, and the same goes for snakes. Some species lay eggs and others have live births. The number of offspring will also vary by species.

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When unwanted snakes are in your area its time to call the Experts:

Snake skins recently found in a home by Expert Pest
Snake skins recently found in a home by Expert Pest
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