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Moles have broad, pink front feet with special claws for digging tunnels and fleshy, pink noses that they use for the sense of touch. You usually can’t see mole eyes, as their light-sensitive eyes are covered by fur. The most commonly encountered moles are the eastern mole and the star-nosed mole. The star-nosed mole is easily identified by its nose, which is surrounded by 22 finger-like, fleshy tentacles.

Color: Gray, Brown or Black

Moles Controlled by Expert Pest

Weight: 3 to 6 ounces
Size: 6″ to 8 ” inches
Food: Earthworms, insect lava and other soil arthropods
Litter: 1 per year (mid-April to May); 2 to 5 young
Flying : No
OH & PA : Eastern mole, Hairy-tailed mole, Star-nosed mole

They burrow just below the surface of the ground by pushing through the soil with their snout and forefeet. Unlike the Eastern mole, the Hairy-tail will travel above ground at night.


The Eastern mole can be found in areas with moist, sandy loam soil such as lawns, golf courses, gardens, and fields. Star-nosed moles live in low, wet soil near lakes or streams. While not as common, the Hairy-tale mole is also located in Pennsylvania and Ohio. This mole prefers to live in sandy loam soils with good vegetative cover. They avoid heavy, wet soils.


The most common complaint associated with moles is their tunneling habit. Moles tunnel beneath the earth and build extensive tunnel networks. Mole tunnels that are close to the earth’s surface are typically feeding tunnels, identifiable by the resulting areas of raised ground. Unfortunately, moles have the ability to dig one foot of shallow tunnel per minute.

Prevention & Control

Due to the possible damage to your property and/or health wildlife issues are serious and should be handled professionally.

For more information go to OSU.edu

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