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There are around 50 types of roaches in the United States.  For pest control roaches in Fort Myers, FL, the American, brown banded and German cockroach can infest any building. They are common in apartment buildings and in restaurants. Because they are nocturnal and prefer darkness they are not normally seen during the day, allowing large populations to develop before they are noticed.

The roach prefers a warm, humid, dark environment and is usually found in tropical or other mild climates. Only a few species have become pests. The insect damages more material than it consumes and emits a disagreeable odor. The diet of the roach, which includes both plant and animal products, ranges from food, paper, clothing, and books to dead insects, especially bedbugs

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American Roaches


american Cockroaches Controlled by Expert Pest


Brown Banded Roaches


Brownbanded Cockroaches Controlled by Expert Pest


German Cockroaches


 German Cockroaches Controlled by Expert Pest


Oriental Cockroaches


Oriental Cockroaches Controlled by Expert Pest


Wood Cockroaches


Pennsylvania Wood Cockroach Controlled by Expert Pest

When Cockroaches are present they create Health risks. Expert Pest Management is prepared to pest control roaches Fort Myers, FL.

Roach infestation controlled by Expert Pest
Health risk caused by Roaches
Cockroach filth causing a health risk. Contorled by Expert Pest
Cockroach Filth


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Pest Control Roaches in Fort Myers, FL

Pest Control Roaches in Fort Myers, FL
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