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Carpenter ants


We also provide services in Cape Coral, North Fort Myers, Naples and Sanibel Florida areas.


Pest Control ants in Fort Myers, Cape Coral and Sanibel, FL have moderately sized mature colonies that contain more than 3,000 workers with one queen per colony (colonies may contain satellite nests that consist of workers, larvae and pupae; together with the main colony, the total population may-exceed 15,000) Nests usually originate in moist, decayed wood and voids and may later expand into the sound wood. Look for coarse sawdust piles that contain insect body parts and listen for the sound produced as workers chew to remove wood to enlarge the nest. Outside, nests are commonly found in dead or damaged portions of trees, rotting logs and stumps.
Carpenter ants forage alone or along trails 300 or more feet from the nest. “Trunk trails” between parent and satellite nests are clear of vegetation and debris, typically cutting across lawns. Carpenter ants enter buildings around door and window frames, through eaves, along plumbing and utility lines, and over branches touching the structure. Peak foraging occurs at night.



Feeding Preferences

Pest Control ants in Fort Myers, FL

Carpenter ants feed primarily on insect honeydew, plant and fruit juices ans insects. Indoors, they feed on food debris, including sweets, eggs, meats cakes, pet foods and grease.


 Transmitted Diseases

 Not an important vector of human disease.



Pest Control ants in Fort Myers, FL establish their first nest in decayed wood and later expand or enlarge this into sound wood. Inside, nests are located in wood (preferably softened by fungus rot), in insulation, and /or in wall voids. Workers are a nuisance when out searching for food but are destructive to timbers utilized for nesting activities. Outside, nests are typically located in rotting fence posts, stumps, old firewood, dead portions of standing trees, and under stones of fallen logs.


The presence of a carpenter ant nest is sometimes indicated by a rustling sound coming from wall voids or from wood where the colony is located. Other wise the emergence of swarmers indoors may be the first indication of an indoor colony.


Expert Pest Program

For Pest Control ants in Fort Myers, FL our service technician will perform a thorough inspection on the exterior and interior of your structure to locate all problem areas and properly identify the pest you are having. All programs are specially designed to target the pest that is infesting your structure.


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Pest Control Ants Around Fort Myers, FL

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