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Ants Controlled by Expert Pest
Ants, Carpenter
House Ant Controlled by Expert Pest
Ants, Other
Bats Controlled by Expert Pest
Bed bugs controlled by Expert Pest
Bed Bugs
Honey Bee controlled by Expert Pest
box elder controlled by Expert Pest
Starlings Controlled by Expert Pest
Chipmunks controlled by expert Pest
Earwigs controlled by Expert Pest
Fleas Controlled by Expert Pest
Flies Controlled by Expert Pest
Bald Faced Hornet controlled by Expert Pest
Hornets and Wasps
Lady Bug Controlled by Expert Pest
Lady Bug
Clover mites controlled by Expert Pest
Mouse Controlled by Expert Pest
Centipedes and Millipedes controlled by Expert Pest
Millipede & Centipede
Moles Controlled by Expert Pest
Rats Controlled by Expert Pest
Cockroaches Controlled by Expert Pest
Snakes Controlled By Expert Pest
spider controlled by Expert Pest
squirrels controlled by Expert Pest
Termites Controlled by Expert Pest
Voles controlled by Expert Pest















Now is the time when you may be seeing large wasp and hornet nests. Do not fear, Expert has been handling these huge nests for over 35 years! Gives us a call today to inspect and treat your home for these stinging pests. We will guarantee your home to be wasp and hornet free until December 15th!



Fall is here, and rodents will be looking for a winter home. Our Quarterly and Seasonal customers rest easy in the knowledge that every fall we seal rodent entry points around the foundation of their homes so they are rodent-free during the winter months. Give us a call today, so that you too can have the same assurance!



 With our Be-a-Friend Send-a-Friend program, you can recieve a $25.00 credit. Please call our office today to ask for details or to schedule a time for us to come out and protect your home from invading pest.
At Expert, customer satisfaction is our top priority, here are a few things you can count on from us:
We Will meet your specific need Everytime!
We Will deliver the value of service you are paying for!
We Will give you results in a timely manner!

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